St. Anne’s Sunday School

Sunday School: Remember that Sunday School is very important to teach your children to appreciate and love their faith.  In addition, we depend on the parents to continue to teach them their faith and to live it out in their home.

Registration for Sunday School:  We have mailed out the registration forms for the 2017-2018 Sunday School year.  We also have them available at the church.  Please fill out both sides, and turn it into Sandra Chahayed.

Sunday School start date:  We will begin Sunday School on Sunday, October 1st.  Please mark your calendars and enroll your children!

Volunteer to be a Sunday School Teacher:  We are looking for Sunday School teachers for the 2017-2018 year.  These teachers will instruct the future generation of our church to know and love their faith, so they can love God and their neighbor the rest of their days.  Whether you are a beginner or have experience, we would love you to join us.   The teachers must be committed in the following ways: come to church regularly; participate in Sunday School activities; be a good Christian role model for the kids.

The following positions are available:

Kindergarten/1st Grade: Teacher; Teaching Assistant

If you are interested, please contact Sunday School director Sandra Chahayed at 818-470-8043 or at