St. Anne Teen Group (SAMYA)

St. Anne Melkite Youth Association- SAMYA (ages 13-18):

Who: SAMYA is for people ages 13 to 18, from 8th grade to Senior year of High School.

About SAMYA: The purpose of SAMYA is for the youth of the church to bond with each other, grow spiritually, have fun, and find support through the very tricky teenage years. We are refreshing the program this year so that it is more driven by what the teenagers want to learn, want to experience and what we know they need to live godly and fulfilled lives. SAMYA will also be working with the newly created SoCal Melkite Youth and Young Adult group so that they bond and learn from Melkite youth in Southern California. If you have a teenager, please have them come meet us.

We meet on the first and third of the month Next meeting is Sunday, January 6, 2019.

We invite all teens to join us and find out more about the group and to come together.

Contact: If you have any question please contact Shadi Jubrail at / (818) 694-3587 or Nurha Chahayed (818) 522-8411.