The Seven Mysteries (Sacraments)

While a mystery (sacrament) is a generalized word for any action by which God bestows His grace, there are seven mysteries considered as major events in a Christian’s life.   Please call the church office at 818-761-2035 to make an appointment for any of the following, unless otherwise noted:

Christian Initiation (Baptism, Chrismation [Confirmation], and Eucharist):  Please call at least one month in advance to schedule the date of this ceremony.  Christian Initiation requires a preparation class, to be scheduled separately, that is given either by the priest or the deacon.

We do not have a “First Communion” ceremony in our particular tradition, as the Eucharist is given at the baptism and the child continues to receive the Eucharist all days afterward.

Crowning (Marriage):  Please call at least six months to schedule the date.  Marriage preparation has a total of four (4) required meetings, including the initial one with the Rector.

Reconciliation (Confession):  Confession is offered during the Divine Liturgy on Sundays, until the distribution of Communion.  You may also make an appointment with one of our priests to receive the sacrament.

Anointing of the Sick (Unction):  We are more than blessed to visit with the sick and infirm, and to anoint them with holy oil and to receive the Eucharist.

Holy Orders (Diaconate, Priesthood, and Monasticism):  For the diaconate or the priesthood (men only) or monastic life (men and women), please call our vocations director Fr. John Azar at (404) 373-9522 or email him at